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简介:   1.I watched television late last night so I woke up late. My mother asked me to go to the market t

  1.I watched television late last night so I woke up late. My mother asked me to go to the market to buy some eggs for her. When I played with a little dog on the street, I dropped the eggs on the ground. They were all broken. My mother was very angry with me when I went home. I am very unhappy to-day. 2. I woke up early this morning. I went out to play with my neighbor. We watched cartoon at his home. After I went home about 4 Oclock in the afternoon, I helped my mother to do some house work. She is very happy so I am happy too. 3.I am sick to-day. When I woke up in the morning, I didnt feel well. My mother took me to the doctor and the doctor gave me a shot. It was very painful. Since I didnt feel well, I went to bed real early. 4.I felt better to-day. Since I was sick yesterday, my mother didnt let me go out to play. I had to stay home and watch television. There was a good movie on the television in the afternoon. Its about a dog. It was so much fun and I enjoyed it very much. 5. I am much better this morning. I am very happy. My cousin came to see me. We played computer games together for a long time. My parents took us to have dinner in the restaurant. I like the food very much. 6.My mother told me that I have to do some home work at home. I did two hours of home work and getting tired. I went to bed to take a nap. When I woke up, it was in the evening. My father and I watched television to-gether for an hour. Then I went to bed. 7.Today it was raining. It was raining so hard that I couldt go out. It was very boring. I took out the English story book that me uncle gave me for my birthday last year. I read it and found there were many words that I dont know. But I found it very intereating.



  傍晚的操场特别热闹,我和同学在打乒乓球。一会儿就来了很多踢足球的人,看到他们在球场上飞奔,我的脚也痒痒的,周记扔了球拍就冲进了球场。刚好来到球门前,有人就一球飞来,我一个“平路劫杀”,当场把球劫下。然后趁对方不备,来了个曲线射门。啊——进了!这时的我是多么快乐!虽然后来我再也没进球,但整个傍晚我都很高兴,因为我参与到这场快乐的游戏中了。 回到教室,我又和邵晨们一起投入紧张的学习中,虽然我现在的成绩起色不大,但我坚信,只要自己和他们一起努力了,我一定会有收获,也一定会让自己的初中生活问心无愧。答案补充 在我六岁那年的夏天,我和堂哥、堂姐们经常拿爷爷的大木盆玩水和洗澡。我们把大木盆拿上3楼楼顶,把整个楼顶放满水,然后把大木盆放在水面上,没四个角落都有一个人,一个人坐在木盆上,就当做是一只小船,我们还把一些凳子放在水面上,当做是一些荷花,那在角落的人,就是“大海盗”。每次我坐在船上,就很快被海盗没抓住,我当小孩盗就抢不到财物,所以我只能自己拿个小盆在水上玩。 有一次,他们去抓人时,我就去拿“财物”,因为那是糖果,所以我有很多糖果吃。等他们抓玩人回来,一看船上,全部财物都给我吃光了,后来,我有可以坐回小船了,这次我非常机灵,他们一来,我就立刻开动船,我终于摆脱了海盗们。 有一次,我们来木盆上去玩,我一坐上去,木盆突然分成了八份,我下子跌在水中,我的屁股差点开花,后来,我们再也不玩那个大木盆了。 可是,那个大木盆是伴着我成长的。在我们成长中的过 程中有小小的回忆。



  暑假已过了一半儿,我的作业早写完了,剩下的日子里,我本想好好玩几天的,可是,家长逼着我学这学那,如果我不情愿,他们就问我是不是骄傲了,然后就莫名其妙的训我一顿,讲一大堆道理,还说是为我好,真不知道他们是怎麽想的。 早上我起床,先洗漱完毕。然后,妈妈连吃早饭的时间都不给我,逼着我写奥数作业,写完就该吃中午饭了,吃完午饭,妈妈也不让我睡午觉,就让我写作文,写完后,我知道该在网上学英语了。学了三四个小时。 吃完饭,出去转一圈,回来就得冲澡,然后爸爸就催我早点睡,迎接新的一天。 哎,一天就这样模模糊糊过去了。晚上,我趴在床前,看着星星自由的眨着眼睛,心想:我今天都干了什麽有意义的事?没有啊!我进入了梦想,我做梦都在写作业。 我期待的暑假不是这样的!是劳逸结合,是很灿烂、很阳光的。并不是像考试前一样,整天挣扎在学海里,在习题中苦苦煎熬,我不要! 也许在家长们的眼里,暑假是学习的黄金时段,而在我们这些小学生眼里,暑假是放松的日子。 爸爸妈妈,请尊重我们,我的暑假,我做主。 暑假要结束了。有了开始,当然就有结束。开学了,我就又升了一个年级了,初3了,时光飞逝,光阴如梭啊……我们总是要成长,慢慢一步一步地走。又和老师同学在一起了,真好。 开学了,我要学习更多的东西,更多地认识这个世界,更好地认识这个社会,一切既有趣又好玩,但是同时有好多作业,好多看不完的书。但是上学还是很好的,喜欢开学,喜欢在学校和同学们一起学习,一起玩…… 知了也睡了,安静地睡了,忙碌之余,感受这宁静的夏天,这迷人的夏夜,享受快乐而简单的暑假生活,享受着,享受着……回忆着,回忆着……


  一)北京将举办2008年奥运会,做为一个初中生你将为奥运做些什么 Weve been waiting for so long,and at last it comes true!The 29th Olympic Games will be held in our great country.Its not only a time to show how strong our altiletes are but also a valuable chance to exhibit how beautiful and thriving our country is! We are junior school students now ,so we have to do something for the Olympic Games.We can pay attention to protect our environment or do some other things to do a little contribution to the famous activity. 二)介绍自己的朋友 (名字)is my close friend.She have a long hair,a small eyes.** is short,and very cute.** is a accommodating girl.You can always see that a smile on her face.Frequently,she attain a midding marks in the grade.** is fond of listening to songs and watching TV.She is good at singsing.To be a singer is *8s dream, and she believe that she will be successed,as long as exert herself.** like running in the all item of physical education. 三)喜欢看卡通片 Love Watching Cartoons In my day off, I like watching Cartoons, because Cartoon is my favorite program. I like Chinese Cartoons most, because I think Chinese Cartoons are traditional, and they help me know something about Chinese history like Journey to the West, Nezha and so on. You see, I love watching Cartoons very much! Come and join us if you like it too! 四)我的一天 my day I get up at 5 o"clock in the morning. I ate my breakfast at half past six . I went to school at half past seven . I ate lunch at twelve o"clock .After school I do my homework at seven o"clock . finished my homework I watched TV at 9 o"clock. I went to the bad at 10 o"colck . That"s all. 五)介绍自己的家. My Family Hello, this is my family. This is my mother. She is a shop-assistant. She likes eating chicken. And I like eating chicken wing. This is my father. He is a taxi driver. He is fat, but he can run, swim and jump. He likes eating noodles. This is my brother --- Tom. He likes ice-cream very much. He is ten years old. And I’m thirteen years old. This is me. My name is Pen. I like swimming, singing and eating. I like eating apples,bananas, hamburgers and watermelons. This is my family. A happy family. 六)如何保持健康 The Way to Keep HealthY Its important for us to be healthy all our life. We cant study or work well without healthy body. therere many ways to keep healthy. First of all, we should keep taking exercises every day. We can walk to school instead of taking a bus. After school, we can spend an hour playing ball games. If we live in a high-rise, we can walk upstairs or downstairs. Second, we should have a balanced diet. Finally, we must remember: "Early to bed, early to rise is the way to keep healthy, wealthy and wise. 七)我最喜爱的一本书 I enjoy reading different kinds of books, but "Harry Porter" is my favorite one. the story is very long but I am interested in it. Harry was such a brave and clever boy that he dared to fight against powerful enemies. His Z-shaped scar and magic stick brought me into a magical world. In fact, the fiction story is so meaningful that I can learn a lot from it. I think its the best book Ive ever read. 八)我喜欢小狗 I like dogs.Many people like dogs.Dogs and people are friends.Some dogs also do different linds of work.Dogs are used to keep watch.They tell people when dangeris coming.Some dogs are used to keep people safe.They sre also used to move animals like sheep or goats.Some dogs are used for different kinds of hunting and some dogs help the police

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